Riding tips

Club rides are either social or training rides, not races! Group size should ideally be up to 12 with an maximum of 16. 

Club riding is about working together as a group, aiming to keep an even pace or effort; and where the group has a leader, allowing them to control the group. 

  • All riders must wear a helmet and have the correct insurance.
  • Hold the wheel in front, aiming to keep a gap of 15 - 30cms
  • Usually, when traffic conditions allow, we will ride in TWO LINES in PAIRS.
  • You should ride in single file on narrow or busy roads when riding round bends.
  • Avoid sudden movements, particularly braking or swerving. Always check if there's room and signal to move out. 
  • After slowing or stopping e.g. at junctions, be aware of your position in the group and try to maintain it. At the front, pick up speed steadily. 

Signalling and Road Hazards

Always make the group aware of changes in speed/direction and traffic or road hazards when necessary. Call out clearly and, in larger groups, relay the instruction forward or back so all riders know what is happening.

Bike Maintenance

Ensure that your bike is well maintained and clean and ensure that you carry the essentials; such as spare inner tubes, basic tools, pump, warm & waterproof clothing if applicable, mobile phone, food, money, ID and water.